IRobot ROOMBA user review

Submitted by admin on Tue, 05/09/2017 - 15:56

Hello everybody!
Monitored the market for the purchase of a second-hand (probably broken) robot vacuum cleaner for further experiments with its hull but with its own MK.
I bought a used iRobot Roomba 4230, a complete set, even with a box, but without instructions. It was sold as firewood, marked with spare parts. According to the seller: works, but every 5 minutes stops with an error, if you press the button, it will continue to work, (again for 5 minutes), and so endlessly. After the home tests, the seller's words were confirmed.
Googled, conducted self-tests as described here:
As a result, lucky, he earned as follows:. Or not, because the subject for experiments now have to look for a new one. The reason was a strong clogging of the brush reducer, which led to heavy rotation, the robot gave an error ...
The former owner has a cat, and he did not completely clean his campaign for a year.
The battery holds exactly 40 minutes, perhaps an hour, from end to end has not yet been tested.

Judging by the numerous reviews and videos (such as, it should be carefully disassembled and cleaned, hair can be absolutely everywhere. This incl. Leads to a deterioration in the rotation of the reducers and, as a consequence, a faster discharge of the battery.

What did I want to ask, if I was going to disassemble it, I needed something to sfotkat or measure it inside the structure, mechanics? In general, everything there is very similar to the numerous materials posted on the Internet, there is nothing new like.

The battery while I will train or look for a replacement, according to the former owner, he lay half a year in the closet with the battery not disconnected.
The battery is clearly fooled, when discharged, it must turn off the brushes with a turbine and start looking for a base for recharging.
And I get it this way: he plows 40 minutes showing full charge, then the discharge indicator sharply shows the full discharge, the robot starts to rush about in search of the base, usually not finding it next to a screaming cry for help falling asleep


I have almost a year living neato robot vacuum cleaner. He with a laser rangefinder, he builds a map. In my 5-room apartment, I forgot when I vacuumed it with a manual vacuum cleaner. For this pleasure, I gave about $ 500.

Lucky - for such a price :)
"Hair", well, well, I somehow tried to find a solution, and could not - a problem for the robot.

We need now, besides the charging base, another base for parsing and cleaning to do ...
Or make a robot that will dismantle the rubble and clean it.

Yesterday I cleaned Rumba, the error was gone: Yahoo !: Work became quieter and as it's more pleasant, in short I fell in love with him: friends:. In passing, I fixed something on the camera, I hope it will be interesting and will be useful to you!

Below are just a couple of basic in my opinion moments.

The expected dirt, I did not find, and its judging by the video on the network should have been really very much. But the hair on everything that turns really was a lot.

In a detailed study and opening of the Rumba 4230, it was found that the garbage collection container is divided into 2 sectors: the first and largest only for dirt collected by brushes, and the second one is quite small with a mud filter for a suction turbine. The turbine itself turned out to be very small in size and was built into the removable garbage bin itself, thereby eliminating the additional cracks between the container and the turbine. The main focus of the "collection" of garbage lies on the brushes, the turbine collects small residues.

Classic (as written in the Rumbov forums) mechanism of suspension of brushes. The motor itself is not fastened rigidly, but is fixed between two bearings and freely rotates along its axis. When the brushes get stuck or get hooked and the motor shaft stops rotating, the motor starts to spin: shock: winding this thread on itself and thereby lifting the brush mechanism from the floor, removing them from engagement with the surface: shock:: shock:

The quality of cleaning is very like! From my floor (laminate, in the kitchen linoleum) is going very well.
According to experience: usually we try to clean once a week, if at the weekend to clean up, then up to the next weekend (2 weeks), the laminate can be covered with a thin layer of dust (on the dark can be seen), behind the door and the sofa can lie ala "roll-field."
In the room there is a carpet with a low hard pile. In its manual vacuuming is not difficult, but with it to collect the hair of his wife, they go for a brush, but do not suck, pile them up, you have to specially brush the vacuum cleaner or bend and shove hands. After harvesting, his pile rises slightly and he becomes so fluffy.
This Sunday he was cleaning (the robot) alone, dust collected a full container for ~ 35 minutes, then a battery was found: sorry:. On the pile of the carpet, it is noticeable that the carpet was carved along and across, there was a bit of sawdust on the carpet (I'm now carpentry on the balcony and sawdust rushes from foot to foot all over the apartment), I did not look at my hair, but I probably namatal again on all my gearboxes, he does it perfectly. The corridor is not big, I went to the kitchen and I woke up a little there and died near the sink, I probably wanted to drink. : O: Yesterday afternoon, he again cleaned the program, the container is clean.
If I bought this for 15 pieces, then probably another would be evaluated. He certainly will not replace his big brother, he will not go into the door, the sofa will not move, but the assistant is good.
You need to search for a replacement:
• Battery type: NiMh
• voltage: 14.4V
• Battery capacity: 2400 mAh.

The Rumba 780 costs a maximum of $ 550. But I bought in Germany, at the expense of Taya I do not know. Go around the furniture legs, step over the sill and go on the carpet for him at all no problem. And unlike the housekeeper does not whine and does not wish you mentally "good".

Much better than Rumba in practice was the Neato vacuum cleaner, which has real navigation, and does not run around the room chaotically. The only drawback, due to the real suction power, rumbles more strongly Rumba, but since the work is programmed during the absence of people at home, this minus It comes down to nothing. I used both vacuum cleaners, as a result, Rumbu gave it to my parents.

Actually, I bought myself a subject, model 560. If anyone has any questions, ask, I'll try to answer.

While the first evening is working, there is at once a positive and negative.
Really does not get stuck almost, provada by some miracle passes over, even entangled and scattered where popodja, and, that the most surprising - he besides vacuums. And still quite successfully gets on all sorts of obstacles such as rapids and other things.

Wraps up all possible parts of a frightening amount of hair. I hope that with daily hair work will be less =) But cleaning is easy.
When you try to call on an unclosed carpet from the side "visyulek" - a carpet rattles.
Most of all - I have some problems with CHM - cleaning module with brushes. For some reason, the plastic protection of bearings from dust actively rubs against the wall, wiping plastic, melting it and preventing the motor from turning the brushes. As it turns out - it's mass, but usually the people with the bearings themselves have something wrong. The people are selling a set of steel sealed bearings to replace those that stand there, then you can then still have to put.

But so far the impression is a fortune. The base is surprisingly successful, the floor covers everything. Then I'll probably say more =)