HDR and 4K TV Review

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On the question of HDR and 4K - what is the best answer for the consumer is unambiguous: HDR. Obviously, all discussion of HDR technology today is centered around the technology of 4K televisions. The reason for this is quite simple: a wide dynamic range is currently being developed and offered only on a commercial basis for the front edge of the television front and is therefore limited to using strictly in TVs with 4K.


Holidays in Greece

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Many tourists, whose vacation falls in the winter months - December, January or February, are looking for such resorts, where it is possible to enjoy the warmth and sun even during this period.

Rest in Greece,
holidays in Greece is the most optimal option. There are several reasons for this, beginning with weather conditions and ending with a significant financial gain.

Zatoka near Odessa

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We went to the family (I, the pregnant wife and 2-year-old daughter) from Moscow to Lviv and Odessa (Zatoka). Long booked on booking all the points of residence, including transit. Overnight in Kiev (there) and Bryansk (back). With Bryansk probably poberoschshili, still the distance from the resort to the house was less than 1400 km. It was possible to overcome with respites. But if it were not for a long delay on the border, who knows, how everything would go. In total, we traveled 5100 km. Not a single fine! Crossed the border "Three Sisters". We left there for 3 nights. Back - at 4. Maybe that's why the customs was a nehily line. We stood for a long time, 2 hours. Checks did not save everything, but somewhere 300 liters evaporated.

Koblevo, Odessa region review

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If you need pines and the sea, then personally I would choose Koblevo. There many boarding houses are located directly in the pine forest. You come out of the pines and you get to the beach. The beaches are dirty, the sea too, but the infrastructure is better than in Zatoka. Smile Koblevo initially developed as a resort

Odessa resort

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Odessa is the pearl of the sea! This summer, they chose for a long time where to go on vacation with a one-year-old child and unexpectedly decided to go to visit our son's godmother in Ilyichevsk, near Odessa. Why is it unexpected? Because to go from Donetsk to Odessa in a train is 15 hours, and earlier we have never traveled so far with a little son. It was a risky choice, because Son is very active boy and can not sit in one place. Fortunately, we arrived perfectly, the train had many children and he had someone to walk with. In my story, I will tell you about two cities at once - this is Odessa and Ilyichevsk. A little information about the city of Ilyichevsk. It is located in the south of Ukraine, on the Black Sea coast, 20 kilometers from Odessa, on the right bank of Sukhoy Liman; Is the youngest in the region. The city of Ilyichevsk is the largest commercial port of Ukraine, a large fishing port. The first few days of our vacation we spent on the sea, and in the evening went for a walk around the city. Overall impressions of the city were positive, the city is clean, with a developed infrastructure, lots of greenery, parks, cafes, shops. For children expanse, a lot of children's towns around the city, cars for riding, many fountains, there is a park with attractions and much more. The sea was very warm, clean, the length of the beach is large, there are smaller beaches and there are deeper, not very wide. At sea, there are also many entertainments, various cafes, clubs, water attractions.