Koblevo, Odessa region review

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If you need pines and the sea, then personally I would choose Koblevo. There many boarding houses are located directly in the pine forest. You come out of the pines and you get to the beach. The beaches are dirty, the sea too, but the infrastructure is better than in Zatoka. Smile Koblevo initially developed as a resort

With Koblevo I'm just not familiar by hearsay. I did not get the impression that the beaches are dirty. "Our" was constantly cleaned. I did not even like the whole coastline available.

And in Kurortny (behind Zatoka) happened to happen? The flood is too noisy for us ...


Vacationing with relatives near Odessa and walking along the beach nadybav camping. Baroness without numbers and several campers from Odessa numbers.

camping on the right side Koblevskaya beach. But the words of the boy with the beer tent accommodation for 50 UAH Baroness \ nation and stand with their camper on top ten. As would be 10 + 10 (+ camper trailer). 220 is no water, toilet nearby. Also near a shop. Although, to be honest, I initially thought it idle.

I consider myself an expert in the southern resorts of Ukraine. If you go to the sea for entertainment (discos, club life, parties, young people, etc.), then Koblevo is an ideal option. The sea here is full of ge. Green, turbid, it smells unpleasant, there are many people, they go around each other's heads. The beach is sandy. But this just touches the sea. Accommodation with meals in normal boarding houses often exceeds the cost of a four-star hotel in Turkey. A place for the car can be found, but it is not advisable to leave it on the road, and there are parking lots only on recreation bases. Although of course you can always agree with the guards. :-D
I vobschem then all this to the fact that choosing a place to rest by the sea should be based on priorities. If my sister, in the first place - "pozazhigat", then Kobelyovo - an ideal option. If you still enjoy the beautiful clean sea, then do not regret driving 200 kilometers and go to the Crimea.
I returned from Yevpatoria the other day. The sea is just a retreat. Beautiful, warm. Just at the weekend it was a storm. We took "storm baths". In short, super. Many of my friends, after trying the Crimea, do not even go to Koblevo, although there is less than an hour to go from Nikolaev.

There is one truly Paradise corner in the Crimea. It is called Cape Fiolent. I've been there 4 times already. My wife and I conceived a son there. There is the most beautiful and clean sea on the whole Black Sea coast.

Good day to the Odessa hunters!
Dear colleagues! In connection with the transfer of hunting, until about September 4, almost 100% will be open this year in your territories. At the forum "uahunter.com.ua" created a topic, but so far very weak with information. And when I found your site, I was glad to receive help and help ...
The first two weeks of September, I will be with my family in Koblevo. Very much I ask, prompt as with hunting in these edges or territories. According to one data, you can hunt on the Tigulskiy estuary, on others - not !? I myself am from Kiev and do not know what and how ... And I'm not used to breaking the rules of hunting. So I ask you to help - the local gurus.
If there is a base where you can rent a boat, I would be very grateful for the coordinates of such a base! And tell me please where and from whom one can get a shooting, for hunting waterfowl in the vicinity of Koblevo.

Rested in Koblevo 2 times, both - BO "Lotus", for the kids is just a paradise, a great cozy territory, in the evening, cartoons on the big screen.

Universal bait when fishing marine fish have kilchati worms - Nereids http://zoo.rin.ru/cgi-bin/index.pl?idr=20&art=80. I collected them, and quite a few in a handful of seaweed thrown ashore by storm. Resting own vineyards used them for fishing banal bulls (did not have the necessary gear), and local fishermen for catching mullet.
So, the mullet. 1 km east of recreation "Polytechnic" is clay and steep banks near them underwater spit issued to a good hundred meters out to sea. Local fishermen ventured as far scythe, and casting a very long spinning rod bait casting of 150-200 g is 100 meters on equipment consisted of a cylindrical podovhuvatoho sliding sinkers weighing about 100 grams and ended with a lead length of about 40 cm. Long hook. At the fore-end hook was secured pink foam ball the size of a cherry and baited beam Nereid (they also pink-red). Lovylas mullet.
Noticed that local appeared mainly when sailed to the shore dolphins. Rather they Fit mullet.
On the bull. Caught on piers ( "Leningrad" rod "Neva" coil, 0.2 mm vein, olives, large white hook) or, if managed to take the boat to the base 300 yards sailed from the shore and stood over the cluster of mussels - the bottom of this town noticeably darker. A few strokes on the anchor colonies of mussels and bait ready. Besides Nereids (because it was here until the storm) caught on the tail of the shrimp raw and cooked, mussels meat, meat calves and amphipods, which is full of coastal debris.
On the wind. One day, in the afternoon, in the midst of catching the bull, straight from the tin wind blew from the shore. Two healthy men to "Kazanka" (each row) vyhrebaly port side to the wind and moored to the shore in 3 km from the base. Returned boatmen ...