Zatoka near Odessa

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We went to the family (I, the pregnant wife and 2-year-old daughter) from Moscow to Lviv and Odessa (Zatoka). Long booked on booking all the points of residence, including transit. Overnight in Kiev (there) and Bryansk (back). With Bryansk probably poberoschshili, still the distance from the resort to the house was less than 1400 km. It was possible to overcome with respites. But if it were not for a long delay on the border, who knows, how everything would go.
In total, we traveled 5100 km. Not a single fine! Crossed the border "Three Sisters". We left there for 3 nights. Back - at 4. Maybe that's why the customs was a nehily line. We stood for a long time, 2 hours. Checks did not save everything, but somewhere 300 liters evaporated.
Lviv and the region - shine. Everything is - awesome architecture, including castles (Zolochevsky, Svirzhsky, Podgoritsky, Olesky), churches, churches and just interesting buildings, nature. Of the most famous places did not have time to visit only in Zholkva. Good prices for food (in comparison with Odessa in 2 times lower). We also enjoyed nature. When looking for waterfalls in the south of the region, accidentally stumbled upon the local resorts, for example Truskavets. We bought herbal tea.
We spent 7 days there and flew to the sea 800 km to Zatoka. The beach there is so huge that in the Caribbean, there are not always any such people there. But in the rest - only cons. So, on the beach there are no umbrellas, although it's not scary. We took with us just in case, did not lose. The place itself is the eerie village. There is nowhere to go for a walk, there is nowhere to have a good time. Hotels no - rather, they are almost none. There are more people than ants - what they do on the street (and in general at this place), the devil knows. Eating is expensive. Well, one of the most terrible - there are spiders of such monstrous sizes all around, that even we, who have visited several countries of Asia, simply got away. So, in the room we were waited on the wall by a spider of sizes with half a small adult palm. We were in shock, we wanted to escape. Later on, they often encountered these monsters, including on the playground.
But they went to Vilkovo, pofotkali birds. We visited Ackermann, a cool fortress. We walked around Odessa.
The main thoroughfares are chic. That is, it is Lviv - Kiev, Odessa - Kiev - Chernigov, etc. Here Lviv - Uman is a bad road. But compared to our Gorky highway - it's an American highway.
Next time we want to go to Transcarpathia, and also visit Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi.


Already arrived, today,
Liked, however, the last two days there were a lot of algae, but not smelly, as in Odessa. Nearby in the house lived three odessitski :)
He traveled through Romny-Lokhvitsu-Piryatin-Kiev-Ilyichevsk. I thought I would stop in Ilyichevsk. Was on the central beach. The sea is cool, clean, but near there is no shelter or shit. I went to Gribovka. Too it was not pleasant, in one court the person 200, the sea class
We drove on, we stopped at Zatoka, there we need to move the drawbridge and after that, almost at the very end turn around. We rented a room two minutes from the sea, on Primorskaya 71. Everything was very nice, the room for three is 350 hryvnia: air conditioning, TV, shower and toilet with a washbasin in the room, refrigerator. Malejo is cramped, but to me from FIG. Such a room but without a counter and without a toilet with a shower, but with a TV set and a refrigerator of 250 UAH. Parking is free of charge. I met with the team-mate Roma, who has a hatch emgrand 7, well, about whom he wrote that he is a clayhorn. I walked for about an hour on this seaside street, no one takes money for parking. He's a good man, a little shy. Runs there his little wife. I asked him not whether he was in bondage? : D I did not like it, full of children's court, against children I have nothing, but on vacation it's better to find a place without them.
The prices for products are higher than Nashinsk, compared to 50-80 percent for ATB.
With the road:
Sumy - Romny speed 90-120 km / hour yam no
Romny-the end of the Sumy region is 90-120 km / hour yam
The beginning of Poltava and up to Lokhvitsa 50-60 km / hour of the pit is but not much
Lokhvitsa-Piryatin 30-50 km / hour of the pit is
Piryatin-Kiev 110-160 km / hour yam no
Kiev White Church 90-130 km / hour there are no holes, but the road because of the plates is not a fountain
White Church-Uman 40-80 km / hour kilometers for 15 to Umani ass !! Pits in bulk
Uman-Odessa 130-160 km / hour road is ideal.
The Odessa highway-Illichivsk has small holes with a speed of 40-80 km / h
Ilyichesk - Gribovka- 40-80 km / hour there are small holes


Https:// ... to & via = 1 ~ 2

The roads are more tolerable everywhere. Only from Vasilevka (GAI post with a flying saucer) and to Berdyansk GEST
Sumy-Akhtyrka 80-90 km / hour (driving at night)
Akhtyrka-Kotelva 80-90 km / hour
Kotelva-Malaya Rublevka-Miloradovo-Runovschina-Dudnikovo 60-70km / hour ... auto & via = 1
Dudnikovo - Karlovka 80-90 km / h ... auto & via = 1
Karlovka-Krasnograd-Natalin-and to the motorway 90-110 km / h ... to & via = 1 ~ 2
The motorway is 190-200 km ... to & via = 1 ~ 2
I missed and drove to Novomoskovsk ... to & via = 1 ~ 2
But it was necessary to go so ... & via = 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 there is also a motorway
Novomoskovsk - Zaporozhye 50-110 km / h very loaded with cars
Zaporozhye-Vasilievka 90-110
Vasilyevka-Tokmak-Berdyansk 30-60 km / hour road is very bad, influx and waggons squeezed asphalt ... & via = 1 ~ 2 ~ 3
Back I went to Melitopol, the road was good, I drove 120-130 km / h, but from Melitopol to Vasilevka the road was no more than a mile, but the route was loaded just like a pip, traveled an average of 40 km / hour, spent 60 km an hour and a half.
From Trostyants to Sumy road blocked and had to go Trostyanets-Lebedin-Sumy is fear and horror

I myself was not, people told me. Especially for lovers of wild recreation, read everything with you to lead.
Look at the map of Tatarbunary, Odessa region and with eyes down the village of Primorskoe, Liman is there on the spit an excellent wild place.

If you are interested in more details, ask for directions, etc.

As a guru of wild rest I do not recommend taking a fig tent for 700-800 UAH. Will fly apart in one season, if you think to continue so rest, it is worth investing in a good tent once. Well, the tent should be.

ZY Even in pro Koblevo once read, there is a camping.

I'll tell you about the places between Ochakov and Odessa. Go to WIKIMAPIA there everything is indicated, coordinates took from there, in some places was personally.
Fishing. Autocamping. 46 ° 37'23,9''N 31 ° 24'07,3''E (pine planting, but in the evening bum-tsa-tsa)
Meadow. Beach camping. 46 ° 36'45,6''N 31 ° 16'59''E (was not, but heard)
Marine. Descent to the sea by car. 46 ° 36'41,7''N 31 ° 16'02''E (was not, but heard)
Camping "Actaea". 46 ° 37'40,5''N 31 ° 10'27,5''E (something new)
Camping. 46 ° 37'32,4''N 31 ° 09'09,2''E (you need to negotiate with the director of the neighboring base about using water, shower, toilet, naturally not free)
Wild beaches near the BRLS (19 berths of the Odessa port) 46 ° 36'05.2''N 31 ° 01'51.5''E (far from the shops, no amenities, shorter the wild beach, plus the noise of the port at night)
Dofinovsky beach 46 ° 34'18,2''N 30 ° 53'48,8''E (people sho killek in the bank).
There are still places in the west of Odessa, but never been there - to help Uncle GOOGLE. Yes, there are open spaces, there is no tent, exception. Fishing, umbrellas or awning are mandatory. For 15 years there hanging out, 2 years was not, maybe, that changed.

In Zatoka was several times.
I saw a sign on the road like "Diving, dip in the underwater world," a beautiful shark picture and phone.
Diving there is especially uninteresting. Shallow, sand and no relief.

Late I came across a topic.
Indeed - in Zatoka for just diving is not interesting. Depth of nikaya, the water is muddy because of the Dniester estuary, there is no living creature; At the bottom - sand.
Salzburg and Theodoric are objects that need to be visited by a group, then it makes sense to organize a boat and so on. - See more at: