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Odessa is the pearl of the sea!
This summer, they chose for a long time where to go on vacation with a one-year-old child and unexpectedly decided to go to visit our son's godmother in Ilyichevsk, near Odessa. Why is it unexpected? Because to go from Donetsk to Odessa in a train is 15 hours, and earlier we have never traveled so far with a little son. It was a risky choice, because Son is very active boy and can not sit in one place. Fortunately, we arrived perfectly, the train had many children and he had someone to walk with.
In my story, I will tell you about two cities at once - this is Odessa and Ilyichevsk.
A little information about the city of Ilyichevsk. It is located in the south of Ukraine, on the Black Sea coast, 20 kilometers from Odessa, on the right bank of Sukhoy Liman; Is the youngest in the region. The city of Ilyichevsk is the largest commercial port of Ukraine, a large fishing port. The first few days of our vacation we spent on the sea, and in the evening went for a walk around the city. Overall impressions of the city were positive, the city is clean, with a developed infrastructure, lots of greenery, parks, cafes, shops. For children expanse, a lot of children's towns around the city, cars for riding, many fountains, there is a park with attractions and much more. The sea was very warm, clean, the length of the beach is large, there are smaller beaches and there are deeper, not very wide. At sea, there are also many entertainments, various cafes, clubs, water attractions.



Odessa - region

Who does not know what it is:
The roads are there as in Lviv (stove) and in general terrible, especially in yards
Its color certainly is ... yards, Privoz
So: from North to South
- "Poskot" (or in our village Kotovskogo) - that part of the city from where they enter, cheap, far from the sea, "their world", near
Next to Poskot there is Kryzhanovka (private sector between high-rise buildings and the sea) - there is no normal beach, as there is no that atmosphere of this Odessa
- Luzanovka, a little lower (closer to the city), this Odessa Commodity
Many high-rise buildings, the private sector, across the road Young Guard (now this is the Ukrainian Artek), this is Kotovsky Park (lunapark, cafes, a long beach, the Malibu beach complex. Next is San Marin and Pavlova
-Percept, this is a huge industrial zone of the BUT with interspersed private sector, small tourist centers and small houses by type: Berth №195, №193
-industrial zone, terminals, port ....
- Langeron, Cape Langeron, Ithaca beach - it's all part of the French Boulevard (the closer to the sea the more private houses and the more expensive the stay)
-Delfin, and "fairy-tale staircase" nudist beach, beach of Chkalov sanatorium, Botswad
-Arkadia, mostly private sector, cottage village Royal gardens, beaches of sanatoria and small boarding houses
-Big Fountain (on the Middle there are no normal beaches), this is a huge private sector with holiday homes, small private boarding houses (Dolm rest Co-operator, Sanatorium Black Sea, Sunny Gorky) (to the nearest high-rise buildings on foot 20 minutes (before Tairov)
The Cape of the Great Fountain begins the private sector and cottages, dirty beaches
-Lusdorf / Chernomorka - similarly to the description above
Further Dry Liman and Ilyichevsk Sea Port

Due to the fact that the beaches of Odessa are mostly dirty (well, as everywhere else), somewhere dirtier (where the sewer collector flows into the sea) ... all Odesites go to rest LIBO in Sanzheyka (it is closer), or to Bugaz (or Carolino-Bugaz)
-Sanjeeka, a huge village with dachas and private houses, the beach is NOT flat, steep
Between Sanzheyka and Bugaz many wild beaches, tent camps and parking lots
-Bugaz, analogue of Kirilovka but a little better and cleaner, many bases of different character
-Zatoka - a complete analogue of Kirilovka, even sooner
-Sergeevka-analog of Primorsky, ie bridges, but quiet and cheap, there is a scythe coming from Zatoka
- Settlement village, village, quietly peaceful and clean beaches, several private boarding houses
Wild beaches
-Nikolayevka, a village stretched NOT along the sea, the nearest private boarding house Relax right on the sea, everything else far away, took a seat in one street, a cafe on the beach "from dusk till dawn"
Wild beaches
-Fireland or Bad Burnas, a village surrounded by an oak forest, many boarding houses (Riviera, Energetic, Perlyna), mud
Lakes and estuaries Shagans
-Rasseyka and Katranka, resort villages between estuaries and the sea (mosquitoes)
-Primory (the farthest from the world), cheap, many private bases, up to the village 2 km to the Ukrainian Venice Vilkovo - 10 km