Holidays in Greece

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Many tourists, whose vacation falls in the winter months - December, January or February, are looking for such resorts, where it is possible to enjoy the warmth and sun even during this period.

Rest in Greece,
holidays in Greece is the most optimal option. There are several reasons for this, beginning with weather conditions and ending with a significant financial gain.
Winter Holidays in Greece: Benefits

Holidays in Greece - review
Winter in Greece is a special period. At this time, the air temperature fluctuates around 10-13 degrees Celsius. Of course, you can not swim in the sea, but hiking will not only bring many new impressions from acquaintance with ancient history and culture, but also will bring a lot of pleasure from communicating with colorful and hospitable merchants of souvenir shops, which are an indispensable attribute of local resort towns for holidays in Greece

Due to the fact that the number of tourists on winter holidays in Greece is less than in the summer, visiting sights that have a centuries-old history acquires the color of a spiritual revival, when alone you can wander among the ancient columns, imbued with their special atmosphere for Holidays in Greece.

Holidays in Greece in facts

Ski tours in winter in Greece are very popular. And not only among tourists-beginners, but also among professional athletes. Greece Mountain skiing routes of any complexity enjoy special love among the local population of Greece.


The last time rested on Kos? Greece in Holiday September 2015, no migrants were noticed) At the end of September the wind was colder, but the Greece sea is very warm!
I can recommend the Lakitira, Greece chain hotels, the children are probably better than Resort & Village, there is animation, the beach of Greece  on one side is slightly rocky, but a shallow approach to the water, and away from the Helona hotel there is a big sandy beach, but with us there were big waves and I liked it less .
Still in the same area there is a good hotel ATLANTICA PORTO BELLO BEACH 4 * with water park and all inclusive system)
But in Rhodes, Greece  rested last year, with the children probably better Greece coast, again in the area of ​​Faliraki, Greece  it seems there is an aqua park ....

Good evening, I would choose Kos, Greece . The wind is only on one side of the island, there are waves. Rested at the resort of Kardamena, Greece  in July, there was an ideal Greece weather without wind and warm sea. TheGreece island is small, compact and very cozy, for some reason I liked it more than Rhodes, Greece . First, everything was much cheaper than in Rhodes and Crete, from ice cream and watermelons to lunches and dinners in taverns, while everything was very tasty.

Greece Islands review
Secondly, there is the opportunity to see everything slowly, the Greece  places there are beautiful. And also you can visit the neighboring Greece islands, they are not far away, I really liked the island of Nisyros, Greece with a volcano and an ancient greek monastery.

Please advise those who are completely nil in Greece.
On the island of Kos ,
Greece only hotels like "all inclusive" or you can rent a small apartment with a kitchen (plan with two children 4 and 7 years)?
Products can be bought somewhere to cook yourself? Or is there an inexpensive catering? And to reach it is not difficult? No more expensive than to fly to Athens,
Greece  (I see that the island is under Turkey itself)?
Thank you.

Holidays in Greece, apartaments

There are a lot of apartments and studios to choose from, there are also shops where you can buy everything you need for cooking. There are large chain stores (it seems Liddle) and small ones, including vegetable and fruit shops. The prices are quite affordable. Also simply wonderful confectioneries, where they sell very tasty pastries, pies and cakes. Food in Greece taverns is also inexpensive, compared to other regions and islands of Greece.
With us in the hotel lived many families with children who themselves cooked food and all were quite satisfied.
The only thing that is worth paying attention to is the choice of the
greece resort, because on the one side of the Greece island, as already mentioned, the big waves all the time, while on another complete calm.

The idea to spend a winter vacation in Greece came to us by chance, even in the summer. I was looking for cheap tickets to Greece  for the new year, because a) for the new year we definitely will not work and b) we wanted to spend miles, so we were very limited in the price range. Tickets to Athens Greece Aegean seemed an excellent option, especially since I once had a very close study of the ancient Greek culture, and on the mainland Greece we were, to my shame, not yet.
But despite the fact that we bought tickets very much in advance, I really started preparing for only 3 weeks - there was nowhere else to delay, otherwise the vacation threatened to be limited only to walks in Athens,
Greece . It is certainly a big and quite interesting city, but I can not sit long in one place, when there is so much around.
I opened the map and in 5 minutes marked the places where I want to go - the following circular route over
Greece  has turned out: Athens-Nafplion-Pylos-Delphi-Meteora. These are the main points, the distance between them just allows you to get from one point to another during the light day, passing in time to other interesting places of Greece. On the map, the sights in which we called in are indicated by an asterisk, and the places of lodging are also understandable. By the time our trip took 7 days, of which the day in Athens, the day in Meteora, and 5 days, moving around the country.
Below is our route by day with links to posts, so do not search on the branch:
1 day: Forever young Athens, 
Day 2: The first acquaintance with the Peloponnese: the Corinthian, Greece canal, the indestructible Acrocorinth, the ancient Mycenae, Greece, the miraculous Epidaurus, Greece and the handsome Nafplion
Day 3: The Peloponnese is indestructible: Palamidi, Mystra, Methoni and Navarino Bay
Day 4: Enchantments of Winter Olympia, 
Greece, Rion-Andirion Bridge, Greece and farewell to the Peloponnese
Day 5: Delphi, 
Greece, the most sacred place on earth according to the version of the ancient Greeks
Day 6: Meteors or the realm of frost and snow
Day 7: Thermopylae, 
Greece, Kamena Vourla and sunset on the top of Lycavitos, Greece