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Xiaomi redmi note 3 - does not turn on

All greetings, got into the repair of Xiaomi redmi note , an autopsy showed that I was rummaged in it by other repairmen, tk. All screens of Xiaomi redmi note  are removed. I started to watch, it was found out for food, it's strange that the previous repairman was pushing all the screens, and the goat on the power controller, which stands outside the screens, did not find it. Well, all right, the controllerof Xiaomi redmi note was blown off, it disappeared. Changed it, the symptoms became so - there was a charge indication of Xiaomi redmi note (red LED), after the battery of Xiaomi redmi note was almost charged, the vibration vibrator jerked of Xiaomi redmi note , but on the screen a deaf darkness. The current consumption from the 0.45a LDP is through the power connector, if you hold the power key for a long time, the vibrator will jerk, but nothing else except this happens.
If you remove the battery connector and apply power to the LBP via the micro usb connector, the current from 0.15 in several steps is increased to 0.3A, the vibrator is also jerking, but nothing happens to
Xiaomi redmi note .
At the moment when
Xiaomi redmi note vibrating, if the cord connects the body to the computer, the computer issues 1-2 signals about the connection of the new device Xiaomi redmi , even some firewood began to set, but the Xiaomi redmi note seems to be connected and after 2-3 seconds it turns off.
I ask for help, what is the logic to look further? The situation is aggravated by the fact that the previous repairers could break something, blow it off or overheat
Xiaomi redmi note .
Thank you in advance for your help!




I connected Xiaomi redmi note  instead of the battery lbp - when powering up the LDP power consumption 0, if you press the power buttonon Xiaomi redmi , the consumption increases abruptly to 0.25a, if you release the button of Xiaomi redmi note without waiting for the vibrator to react, the consumption returns to 0, if you wait for the vibration of Xiaomi redmi note , the consumption remains at 0.25a. I guess you could try to flash the Xiaomi redmi note  phone, if of course he wants to see the computer. Or is it a problem in the gland?

Surely iron. In Minsk, it became good to import and even 'Xistore' was opened. But the marriage of the mountain. Iron. Even from boxes dead already. Itself faced and even the supplier on the market confirmed it. The mountains lie on a guarantee.

Device (Xiaomi Redmi Note 3);
Firmware version (MIUI;
Problem description: I use the device
Xiaomi redmi note for about 20 days, from the very beginning the screen rotation did not work, by the way, the problem with Xiaomi redmi note for me is not very significant, I decided to address more of the desire to notify that such a problem exists. Solve the problem did not take a chance, I think that the firmware of Xiaomi redmi note will fix everything, but I'm afraid to make things worse because there is no experience at all.

Device (Xiaomi Redmi Note 3);
Firmware version (MIUI;
Description of the problem: During the month, the free space on the phone quickly disappeared and everything would be nothing if it was justified. However, given that I did not particularly swing the free space from 27 gigabytes in 2 weeks, it was significantly reduced. Now I have 800 free MB. Perhaps just a display bug, but not very nice, how can I solve

It is not about Xiaomi redmi note 

Hello. Today I decided to roll back from firmware 6.3.17 to 6.3.10, downloaded the 10th, but for some reason I put it on my update using the Update application. Of course, she stood crooked, constantly got out a mistake some, then read on the forum, as it was necessary to roll back. On instructions loaded in the recovery, made a backup, erased the cache and date, all as was said in the instructions, and re-started to put 6.3.10. The error got out and the firmware was not installed, I already had to run out of the house and with the thought that I would deal with all the evening, rebooted. In the end: when switched on, the inscription "mi" is lit and nothing happens; In the fastboot is not loaded, the picture with the rabbit and android burns, it goes out and the phone turns off. Through mi pc suite wrote "could not flash device". I srukozhopil, I repent. help me please.

I like Xiaomi redmi note ​​​​​​​

The other day I received the LED lamps ordered by me at Ali Xiaomi Yeelight. Lamp for 8 watts with a base E27 for 12 € apiece. There are both white light and RGB options.
100-Original-Xiaomi-Yeelight-LED-Smart-Bulb-Smartphone-App-WIFI-Remote-Control-Light-8W-White-Color.jpg [15.87 KiB | 502 mal betrachtet]

Xiaomi redmi note - similar hardware
The lamp is connected and controlled via the WLAN using the App. The lamp is noteworthy that it does not require a hub. Xiaomi is open to developers and has its own API.

In the loose leaf that was in the box there is a QR-Code on which it is offered to download the AP for Android or iOS, but I will say at once it should not be done. This APP slag on which killed an hour of time and could not connect to the lamp (in any case, for iOS). Just go into Appstor drive into the search Yeelight and install the APP with this pink-orange icon, with it everything is set and tuned without problems.

(If that, reset the lamp is done by supplying and disconnecting electricity to the lamp according to the following scheme: off wait for 1 sec / on wait 3 seconds / and so 5 times, for the 5th time the lamp should blink and reset the settings. Slag apple helped to sort this out :))

Xiaomi redmi note has similar problem